Sunday, February 21, 2010



a 23 year old lady noticed a lump on her left lower back since 1 week ago. she claimed that it is movable, about as big as a small marble. however there was no history of insect bite, no discharge, no sign of inflammation, not associated with pain, no fever, and the patient denied of having any other lump anywhere else.

on examination, it is noted that the lump was firm, movable, size of 2x3cm, smooth surface, well define borders. however, slip sign was negative, no discharge, no punctum, and it was non transluminant.

ddx?? - ok malas nk tulis

provisional dx??

yes people, i have lipoma!

for those who dont know what lipoma is, google it..hehe

its basically FAT..yeah..ironic kan? me myself is one big lump of can that one fat cell dicided to mutiply dgn sesuke sukinye??kuang ajo namenye tu..


but its ok..this one do not need surgery ..yet..waitla until its size jadi 5cm ke kan..

actually i was excited gile nk g under surgery..gile kan?

but mr.AAA said "if its troubling, we will remove it under LA, else enjoy having it"...haha

ok, i dicided to enjoy it first..hehe

nnt2 la kite g buang ek.. :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

this is us..

~tHe gEdikickeRs~

5 years n counting... :)
heart'ing u to the core

p/s: prasan x, gmbr ni, susunan kite terbalik ngan susunan gmbr all black tu..hehe :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

accidental 'the gedikickeRs' reunited + few extras sidelines

saturday oh saturday..
we went out..pastu call sai..tgk2 dorang jadi lak nk g wondermilk...kebetulan giles la wacakapsamalu..smbut beday naza n yana..pastu dorang meet us up kat johny's...

(matrik: all black.sume org nk kutuk time ni.pastu dorang sndiri pon nk pakai kaler same2.ceit.)

sai, syaz, azwa, naza : REUNITED + few sidelines (haha sorry guys, pggil korang sidelines)
ok la..tu tukar la..xmo pggil sidelines, u guy are better than that kan..ehem..tukar.."sidekicks!"..haaa ok la tu kan?canggeh..hehe

title edited: *accidental 'the gedikickeRs' reunited + few extra sidekicks!*

spell this out girls..


then u know la wut happen kan bile pmpuan2 yg dah lame gilos xjmpe, tetibe jmpe..
"1..2..3..POSE!!...again2!!again2!!" hehe :p

we should do this again..soon!
and we should take more pictures..(picture yg akan diupload ofcoz..bukan tunggu sbulan ek mr.sidekick kamal :p)..haha..i dont have a, cant post any pic here..kene tunggu azwa n kamal uploadkan..

p/s: cpt la upload sayangss! :)