Saturday, January 30, 2010

down under memory lane

the moon is shining so bright tonite..
but it is covered by the cloudy nite sky..
i dont know why..
somehow, it brings back memories..

i miss the smile we had..
i miss the high pitch laugh we all had..
i miss the secrets we share..
i miss how we take care of each other..
i miss the day we played truth or dare!!..gosh..haha!
most importantly,
i miss us...


memories are ment to be kept..
not in a folder..
but in ur heart..

cherish every moment u have
capture all the gliters
freeze all the glories..
so may it stick with u forever..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the letter..

i talk to myself a lot..
i persuade myself frequently..
to see whats look at things deeper..and to feel less
i weigh the pros and the cons constantly..
..and the decision made, became less excruciating..

to be mean and cold is so not me.
but i can ACT like one.atleast.
i am a drama queen remember?
its time to take care of myself. and think less about other's.

how did it end up like this? so not in my skin rite now.
difficult.but my mind is set.its done.
im washing my hands off.
no more.

sorry dear,but this is it.
its the ending u chose.
im merely granting u ur wish.
as always, ur wish is my command
abrakadabra! *pooofff!!* :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

best group

NEVER a day i missed thanking Allah for putting me into such a wonderful group.

i LOVE u all so much.

never had such protective guys and such caring girls in my group before..
this is a group at its best..we are like a family..we do everything together..

im so afraid to get too attached..
coz next year will be the end of it..
it will break my heart to be apart with them,
as we are sooo close now.

can u please keep this group together till final year..please..pleaseeee pleaseeeeeee

Thursday, January 7, 2010

zooe's criteria

ok, setelah perbincangan yg rancak dijalankan antara ahli2 group 5 med0708 pada tarikh 050110, jam 1215, satu konklusi telah dicapai..inilah die zooe's criteria..

"ciri2 jantan berjaya"

baik, bijak , pandai, kacak, kaya, bergaya..

cube sebut rhymes!!

lagi skali..

baik bijak pandai kacak kaya bergaya!!!!!!!

oh wujudkah???


p/s: this criteria is a result of the research done by zooe.
(zooe; the founder of zooe's criteria )

Monday, January 4, 2010


hey noticed the new header??hehe..

seperti kelihatan ade tall 't wave' di situ kan?
adekah blogku ini menghidap hyperkalaemia, hyperacute MI ataukah left bundle branch block???

ok stop it syaz..mentang2 baru blajar bace ECG.. (maafkan daku bermonolog sebentar)

back to the point..ahem..ok.

yeay dah reti!..ok gile busuk, bnde simple cmtu pon nk 'yeay' kan?
tp..kira ok la tu tuk org yg techno blind..hahaha..
gune adobe plak tu..yeee~ tau~ hina gila~ bgga sbb reti dgn busuknya guna adobe~..haha..

anyway, reti la gak kan.. :p

.....aku dan degupan.."

ceeeeeewah!!..*kelip* kelip*..hehe

lub dub lub dub..

aku panggil ini simbol 'dewa'..this was my signature dolu2..all my stuffs mesti ade lambang
mende'alah ni..skang dah malas nk lukis..hehe

Friday, January 1, 2010

.......... is the name of the game

am i selfish?
i think i am..
..i dont want to be anymore..

how long shud i hold on..?

no i shudnt do this..
i shud've let it go
i shud've let it choose its own path..
i have nothing to do with it. i cannot control everything..
its sumone else's future.. i shudnt hv fuck with it.

i have to walk away..for ur sake