Friday, August 21, 2009


remember muniama? my patient...the one who pronounce 'sepang' as 'essepai'..?
dat day she said her house number is "tiga puluh dua.tiga"..
i was very scepticle about the word "tiga puluh dua.tiga" it, 323? or 3023? or 3222?..
so...i asked omar to call muniama one more time to ask her the correct address..this time around she said "rumah nombo..aaaa...tiga puluh tiga"...i was like, okayyyyyyy...
then later dat evening me,omar,zubair n chia went out to find our patient's house..
to sepang we go..
fist destination...taman sri sepang...rumah muniama..."tiga puluh.tiga"..
to our suprise, theres no muniama living in the house number 33..ouhhhhh...nk kene ni..
i tried to call her again afta penat pusing2 in the taman..
THIS time she say "rumah...aaaa...itu...tiga puluh smbilan"...apekah?!!!!!!!!!huaa..

after some time,we found the house..alhamdullilah!!
i dgn jahatnye telah meng'set'kan otak yg die ni mesti cm patient yg menyusahkan,ade memory lost, kerek gile, and the lsit goes on...


she has proved me wrong.TOTALLY wrong. terasa sgt bersalah.

she is very nice.

her mum is very bubbly and cute!!

they open up to us immediately..smpi tunjuk sume surat2 sokso, sijil kematian, ubat2..

her life is so.......kesian...sgt2 prob..i terpaksa tahan air mata dgn sgt dahsat..xleh nk ceta lebih2 kat sini..patient's confidentiality..but i really felt heart crumpled badly..

her childrens is hopeless! listening to her talking about her children, we became very angry.. zubair smpi nk mintak number fon anak xgune die tu, nk call..(nk blasah kot.mentang2 terer boxing haha :p)..

we talk for almost an hour..her mum is so cute..she cannot stop talking.hehe..


i was depress when we leave her house..

i will try my best to help her..

i promise i'll do sumting..atleast sumting small..sumting.

i'll go to her house again next week..

aunty..wait ek...nnt sy kasi bwk buah ok?kita mkn sama2 ek..:)

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