Thursday, June 25, 2009

birthday in advance! thx guys =)

as u noe..or u might not know..or maybe u forgot..
my birthday is on 27/6..(ok,kang ade lak org ckp aku sje2 nk letak birth date aku nk promote..aish..maaf ye,saya bukn begitu)
but my sweet n lovely frens decided to celebrate it 4 days earlier..coz some of my frens will not be here when the day actualy comes..thx kencang,faiz,ain,anis,baem,zul,ali

we started the day with watching TRASFORMERS: revenge of the was superb guys..awesome..but it was to fast to grab..i was confused as whom is talking to who is the one who is bombing the other bad i guess..otak lembab..kuang kuang kuanggggg...we are in luck because we did the booking 2 days prior..because the line at the counter was amazingly long, n it is full til midnite..good job syaz..the trick is, dont book on9 for 1st day show, book by phone! sure ade pny la tempat for u!! yeay..

then...we go to pizza hut..we ordered two sets of the set.(?? btul ke ayat ni??) anyway...when me,kencang n ain was ordering, the other 5 guys sudenly dissapear!..when they come back..suprise!! they bought me buskin robin's cake..yeay!!happy!!sedap!!!dah lame nk sgt cake tu...hehe thx guys..

after that,ain ask me to close my eyes..i refused at first..but then,after some argument, i agree..takut weyh..dorang ni bukan btul...kang xhape2 dorang wat..whoaa..takut..haha..then ain put something around my neck...i heard they laugh out hard..i feel it with my hand...raba2 sket...aaaaaaaa!!!!pajngnyenye tangan bende ni...dah agak dah!!!! a monkey teddy...kejam u guys..siap letak taik monkey pet is hard enough to handle, nw i got another one??hahaha

actually, one of them asked "nk makan kat mane??" ...i replied "delicious! tp msti xleh kan? =("
he said "tau xpe"....aaaaaa!!nk delicious! dah staun aku mintak tau nyet! nak nak nak!!

anyway....THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS..i really appreciate it..happy!!!!yeay!!

close-up!! kejam x?haha..



hahaha XD perlu kerrr ltak najish lalat tuh :p hehe so sweet~ hepi bday shaz! in advance ;) yeah sy muda lg wuhuu! :D hehehe kata nak kuar shopping sama2? :p

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday shaz...

Ojoi said...

shaz jom esok kua sopppin same2 ngn I.klu you soppin agak2 akn beli brg x?ke tgk cm nk tp pastu tanak?hehee