Friday, June 19, 2009

at last..freedommmmm

my goodness.
it all ended splendidly.
all passed!
note this.our overall performance is better than the seniors. the graph is going up!
dispite all the harsh words blundered by the lecturers all the way from our first year..

"ur batch is the worst!!teruk!!"
"ur batch is disappointing!!"

"contohi la seniors kamu.they are very matured.u guys are very disapoiting!!"
"if only 50% of ur batch passed pon, we will be very happy and glad!!" (serius rase nk ngis smpi guling2 mase dgr ni)
"ur batch performance is very bad.theres no such result in the history of this university"






and the list goes on..

and to top it off, there was a revision class brought out only for certain people,which i xlayak masuk. many disagree with that. nonetheless,from dat day, i have made a promise to my self that i will prove to everyone that i can make it too..nah sila,sy pon dpt DISTINCTION gak ok!ha.ha.ha. (gelak kejam cm prof.hamdan mase kenekan org haha)..hehe
i made my parents proud. and that matters most.
[tolong jgn salah sgka dgn paragraph di atas not mad or angry or pape yg berkaitan dgnnya..saya cume mengekspresikan kesedihan.itu saja...maaf kalu ade sape2 yg terase ek..mintak maaf ]

nevertheless..despite of anything..i would like to express my gratitude to ALL of the lecturers for all the knowledge that ive gained.thank you!! i love you..i really do..

and to my friends who have been with me all the way, THANK YOU!!! we made it!!!!

see u guys in the hospital!!

we are one step closer..


Anonymous said...

jngan baru 1st pro exam...jngan hepi sngat...hehehehe

akusyazz said...

eh riak ke?bile mase?
all my achievements is not for me..its for my parents..matlamat aku dlm hidup is untuk wat parents aku happy..tu plg penting.

boleh x aku reply cani kat ko?:

"adekah dgn aku tulis "distinction" tu membuat ko rase aku riak?sile bace agy skali paragraph tu btul2..aku tidak perlu "men****t/meng***s ******" sesiape tuk capai ape yg aku nk.sekian wabillahitaufikwalhidayah assalamualaikum warahmatullah =)"..hahaha..

ok x?hehe =P

ps: slah ke kalu aku happy setelah gile babun penat aku usaha??

hamiedah a.k.a mie03vca said...

congrates shaz...


yeah congrats shaz! haish mana de riak la takbur je :p hehehe kidding jom2 kuar shopping :D

Ojoi said...

hahaa shaz at last freedom ;) shaz u shud go out =D celebrate bwk sai =D hehe

e l l y said...

syaz ! congrats. hehehe ;) u've done it

ReBeLLiouS said...

[jngan baru 1st pro exam...jngan hepi sngat...hehehehe]

mungkin xde unsur2 riak kot dlm post ni..more 2 luahan perjuangan yg telah tercapai matlamat....xpyh r nk jeles...she desrve it la....xpyh masok klas special pon leh berjaya....xkesah r nk bangge atas kejayaan yg berpunca dr usaha sendiri...~~my humble opinion~~

nabel said...

hehe yup. agree on the riak part. as in, i oppose that. betol. i understand of what syaz ckp sal the special classes and all. i pon terase once in a while. but whatever. we've proven otherwise kan. n u dpt distinction!!! im proud of u! hehe mari berjuang lagi ye! yup c u in hospital!

p.s. i pon setuju on the parents part. i'd rather kene marah gile babeng than ending up looking at their disappointed face. huu