Thursday, July 29, 2010

to be or not to be?

yes it is true..
there is a fine line between two things..

there's is a fine line between hot and cold..
between hate and love
between bestfriends and lovers
between genius and madness
between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot..
between confidence and cockiness
between work and slavery

and for the matter that im in now is...there is a finee line between HAVING a fever and NOT having it anymore..there is an eerie gray area, where my body is confusing it self. some parts of my brain are practically saying "yes!!syaz ko dah sembuh.leh g men kejar2"...and at the same time, there are some that are saying "u dont have enough sleep.sleep some more.u have not urinated enough today,only 99times today, up, go and pee some more..who says that u are all better syaz?im the one who is controlling u will feel very cold! no no no..wait..i want u to feel hot! steamy hot..yes not hot..cold is better..yup cold! shiver now u little bastard!shiver!shiver!hahahah!! would you like to experience the feeling of flying?, you will feel your legs wobble, the world around you spin like crazy!!yes i like it!!yes like that!! ok now, be like this for the rest of the all day long for free!yeayyyy"...

rase cm nk bunuh org tau x..rase cm nk bunuh doctor yg kasi MC shari je tu..
duduk rase nk terbang, baring rase melayang...
rase sejuk, tp bile pakai slimut peluh cm laha**t, bile bukak slimut gigil cm gile..
mkn antibiotic merah tu, sure sesak nafas,
perut rase pusing2 bykkkkk gile kentut,
stomach upset,
cirit birit,
hingus ngalir cm empangan pecah,
eyeball panas n sakit
xpaham, nape air mata pon nk kuar gak , bukan air mata ngis lak tu,pelik
tekak cm kene gigit ngan 1000 semut api
kencing agaknye ade dlm 467kali shari

tp suhu kat dahi, xpanas..

now you tell me..

am i having a fever or am i Not?

arghhhhh...badan please stop confusing yourself.please...


ms. mac said...

get well soon syaz! minum air byk2 and peluh byk2 gk! huhuhu

ms. mac said...

btw, in my opinion, yes, ure having a fever. huhuhu

akusyazz said...

thx wafff!!
i rase antibiotic tu yg wat i weng tau..sbb arini i skip antibiotic tu, (xmo mkn dah, lantak la xcomplete course pon), i trus ok tau..haha

nabel said...

hehe syaz sorry nak gelak tp this post's funny :p the way u put everything, cm kelakar je! haha. ye i agree ngn wafaa. u demam ni!! cume maybe temperature takde sgt. ahhaha antibiotic tu cantik tak? merah gray ke kaler die?

akusyazz said...

hahaha cantik sgt merah antibiotic tu..bukan gryaish merah..mreah cm biji smpi mati i xmo dah ubat tu..haha