Thursday, October 7, 2010


am i delusional? yes sometimesss..hahaha..
but this song is really cute kan?

oh best gak kalu ade org HOTTTness yg stalk i cmtu...hahaha..see told u, im delusional.

sometimes, being all delusional can give u a little comfort, isnt it?..imagining how blissfull and happy your life is, when the real world wasnt treating you so nicely at all.

i have soooo many stories in my head, that i keep on playing and changing according to my mood. the scary part is, at times i forgot that it was just my imagination. wanting something so bad can be a real danger when your mind is "creative", dont u think?

when people do bad things or say really bad things about me, i dont shout straight into thier face. thats rude..instead, what i do is, when i go back home, i'll lay on my bed, and i'll recreate the scene..and then i'll say/shout/scream or do wahteva possible/impossible thing to them. if im not satisfied with the drama im creating in my head, i just rewind it all back, and re-create..until i feel that my anger has subside......dont you think that this is a better way to manage ur anger?well, it works, atleast for me.. that is why, it is veryyy verryyyy seldom (if ever!) that u see me getting angry at you..kan?

see, my delusions/illusion arent so bad at all. it has saved a lot of people from my intolarable shouting, fugly angry face and unimaginable abusing (u should see me in imagination. it wasnt a preety sight at all.haha)

so, take a moment and think.


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