Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the letter..

i talk to myself a lot..
i persuade myself frequently..
to see whats relevant..to look at things deeper..and to feel less
i weigh the pros and the cons constantly..
..and the decision made, became less excruciating..

to be mean and cold is so not me.
but i can ACT like one.atleast.
i am a drama queen remember?
its time to take care of myself. and think less about other's.

how did it end up like this? gosh..im so not in my skin rite now.
difficult.but my mind is set.its done.
im done.im washing my hands off.
no more.

sorry dear,but this is it.
its the ending u chose.
im merely granting u ur wish.
as always, ur wish is my command
abrakadabra! *pooofff!!* :)

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