Saturday, January 30, 2010

down under memory lane

the moon is shining so bright tonite..
but it is covered by the cloudy nite sky..
i dont know why..
somehow, it brings back memories..

i miss the smile we had..
i miss the high pitch laugh we all had..
i miss the secrets we share..
i miss how we take care of each other..
i miss the day we played truth or dare!!..gosh..haha!
most importantly,
i miss us...


memories are ment to be kept..
not in a folder..
but in ur heart..

cherish every moment u have
capture all the gliters
freeze all the glories..
so may it stick with u forever..


Group 3 said...

omg i so miss those days too..... :(..... everyone was so bongoks la.... hahaha and im using my group 3 account....


shahirah nadiah said...

hye syaz!