Friday, January 15, 2010

best group

NEVER a day i missed thanking Allah for putting me into such a wonderful group.

i LOVE u all so much.

never had such protective guys and such caring girls in my group before..
this is a group at its best..we are like a family..we do everything together..

im so afraid to get too attached..
coz next year will be the end of it..
it will break my heart to be apart with them,
as we are sooo close now.

can u please keep this group together till final year..please..pleaseeee pleaseeeeeee


daus said...

i pon sama !!.....
lama da xjmpa u syaz.....

anyway ....
lets make a great gathering after this posting jom

k...all da best...


nabel said...

hehehe so sweet nyaaaa atuk!

best kan clinical. give u the chance to crawl outside the shell and to see things in people u never did before. :)

i have the same problem too. getting too attached. susa kan to bid goodbye.

akusyazz said...

daus: jom! mesti2..dgr kate u bukak kelas french..haih xajak pon..haha..

abel: tu la..too atcched..menakutkan..xmo reshuffle plz..jom solat hajat! tp kalu u kwin ngan ahem, u leh dpt satu grup ngan cpt la kwin plz!

nabel said...

syaz dont make any funny remark eh...tumbuk kang. asek ckp sal die je....u ckp la sal i ngn dr nicholas plak ok! ahhahaha

Anonymous said...

haha~ berangan je la.. hahaha~