Friday, March 5, 2010

sent me back in time..dont!

i got a felling..that something not-so-good is goin to happen..that it may be back to the previous condition..oh lets hope not..please dont..please..
if it does happen, i would not know how to mend myself anymore..
in the mean time, im keeping my fingger crossed..n hoping for the best.. :)
ant let the rest be in the hand of the Almighty..


nabel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
akusyazz said...

abel soryy terpaksa delete comment tu..takut ade org yg 'xsepatutnye' bace..hhahahaha..anyhow, thank you sgt..i know i'll have u if anything happen :)

nabel said...

hehehe its okay. understood!! sorrrrryyyyy!!! sooooo sukatiii n insensitive of me. jgnla bsedih ye! insyaAllah all's gonna be well for u!

akusyazz said...

hahaha lek2..mane lak insensitive lak..i yg gedik je..hahaha..thank u again..hope same goes to you!