Tuesday, May 5, 2009


should i study or should i not?
haih..is that even a question?..ofcoz i have to..i dont want to..but i HAVE to!its pro exam in..what..39 days?aarghh..but here i am..in the pbl room, tapping on these little black tiles with white letters printed on each, looking out through the glass wondering if my study group frens is coming or not..

i am very sure i cannot study alone..how can i?byak gile kot nk bace..9 systems..2 years..in 39 days?it like SPM all over again but its definitely HARDER! waahh if only i have the brain which its sel-sel otak bergabung dengan rakus sampai terbabas2..mine is..hurm..figure it out yourself..

tot of having a study group..i really hope that i would work out..honestly,sgt jeles ok dgn study group jude,azrina,naji, ainun n some others which tirelessly come to this campus evryday..studying together everyday..enriching their knowledge with every single discussion they have.for sure they have studied a lot..kan?..me?duh..nk ngis ar pk..takut weyh..aku bodo tp respi pon xabes study agy..im moving veryyyyyyyyyyyy slow here..what should i do?..im frustrated with myself.

now, im cracking my head out figuring a way for me to study..i cannot study alone..im not as smart as some of my friends who doesnt have to work their ass off to score..for me passing is a pleasure..

what should i do?


im still looking through that glass...

i guess i have to study alone today..
g study syaz!!shooh!shooh!!


elly ezani said...

syaz !!!
study hard n smart dear.
study group is way better act

but if u can pull urself thru
wud be nicer kan?
in the end. the pleasure u gain.
its from ur own determination.

good luck okeh ;)

aiman said...

same la...
ak pn lembap... u.u


sy salu study sorg jgak x suka stdy group nnti bnyak borak je lgpun susa nak carik geng yg click kan. awk bole shaz! jgn give up k stay up! stay up! meh sy tmn nak :) kalu nntuk nak tito buat quiz dk fb yeah! :D good luck k with your exams :)