Monday, April 13, 2009

copy paste from NANARANI..but sgt3 true..

i have to read this thing EVERYDAY starting from now!
i have heard of this book a few years back.oh yeah,i watched oprah! oprah's book club!
and theres this book.."he's just not THAT into you"..i love the book..i read the xbeli.hehe..i went to kinokinuya everyday while waiting for my dad,sitting on the floor,pick that pink covered book and my eyes and mind are just digging into it..i know that the movie version is coming out..but xtau lak mmg dah kuar dah!!gosh!! i have to watch it.period. i realised dat the movies has been shown when i come across nana rani's blog..and what she wrote is very true.

**courtesy of nana**:

It is indeed true that you are entitled to find the love of your life, but would you forever want to life in question marks? The beginning of the movie was true enough, we are conditioned to think that if someone treats us like s***t, means he or she likes you. FORGET IT! If someone treats you like that, it means that person means it, nothing else.

  • STOP thinking that someone likes you when he or she treats you like crap, calls you names or teases you till your heart aches. They're doing that because they mean it, nothing more, nothing less.
  • STOP questioning yourself about the signs and symptoms that may be due to his or her feeling towards you. It is just your imagination, nothing more than just a hallucination you create so you will not feel so bad about yourself.
  • If someone likes you, he or she would just go for it, so STOP imagining someone will come and be on their knees, begging you to come back. That is just plain fairy tale.
  • STOP thinking that someone will change for you. It will never happen, not in a million years as everyone thinks about their selves first, including you!
  • If someone doesn't call you, don't act like a desperado and try to call that person back. STOP hoping and dreaming and assuming that the person is on the other line waiting for your call. It just doesn't happen that way.
  • STOP waiting for someone that will never turn back to look for you, just MOVE ON!

ok..nana, u got me straight on..ouch ok..
i'll read this every single day..thx for writing this and sekaligus reminding me not to live in my own creation of cloud nine..


NaNa XD said...

syazzzz.. huhu... tgk la movie tu cpt2.. best! i know u'll love it.. hehe.. love u!

kamal fauzee said...
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eyh kamal fauzee O.O hi awk...ley bknalan~ hahaha. shaz sy x saba nak tgk citer nih! =) ooo ada buku dia eyh. nak carik jgak la nanti =D

akusyazz said...

awak pon nk tgk ke sai?jom!ajak kamal ruzainie skali kayh kalu die ade kat kl..ehem2..

dRGonDRonG said...

i like the last STOP!
a call to move on...
tats true but not so true...
cos i believe in 99-1 %
in wtv tings i do, its alwis 99-1 %
it can b either 99% berjaya n 1% fail..
or d other way round...
we can move on and forget but not erase...
memory will stay as memory...
it cant b erased especialy d sweet ones..

akusyazz said...

azam dats true..
moving on doesnt mean we have to walk away and leave everything behind..
memories will always be memories kan..=)