Sunday, April 12, 2009

indeed it was FUN!

oh terendak dgn encik.soldier yg HOT..

i never thought that it would be that much fun.seriously it was..except for PT (physical training) ar..PT tu over ar.."ko nmpk tiang gol kat sane tu??!aku nk ko masuk kanan keluar kiri smpi sini blk dalm kiraan 10..sato!doa!......" pale otak die..ingt dekat ke tiang gol tu?aku ni dah cm bola yg nk masuk gol dah..pastu siap sruh guling2 atas tanah basah tu.."ko nmpk hujung tu?guling ke kanan!!"..wachaaaa.."ko penat siswa siswi?!ko xlarat siswa siswi?!ko meniarap!push up!10!!"..abes je 10 tu..xsmpi sesaat.."baring!!sit up!!"..mase baring tu..aku nmpk kaki ngan perut aku dah hitammmmmm..pastu bnde itam tu leh gerak2..mende ni??huaaaaaa semuttt wooo..aku dah guling2 n wat push up atas itu sarang semut woo..kegatalan aku kene gigit...heyhhhh ko tunggu la jannah..kalu nnt aku jadi doktor askar(kalau la kan),aku jadi kapten seyh..siap la ko!siaaap la ko..

anyway,there was bundles of new things that ive learnt from them.

  1. i now know that, it is safer to go to sleep with ur wet shoes on..smpi kedut2 jari kaki..badan je dalm khemah,kaki kat dat u'll will not have to do the lompat bintang coz u r late..
  2. do not speak in the toilet.coz then,the soldier cannot get their sleep, and u all will be thrown into a river full of lintah..
  3. i now know that we can do an intriuqate kicking dance move eventhough theres no music around n bill is not recording, push everyone's head under the full-of-lintah-mud just to get ourself safe, get blown in the face and killed by the train crash, talk nonsense, do nothing in significant and still get the "anugerah pelatih".
  4. it is now confirmed that u'll will not be disturb by ghost if u recite the quran in the jungle. and the bonus is, acid lactic will not get accumulated in ur stomach!
  5. u will loose a lot of weight, get to do the lompat bintang countless of times, running back and forth trying to immitate the marching skill of the soldier and get to be called sotong if u are a good penghulu who have done everything in ur power to do ur job.
  6. dont get lost in the jungle and trust the compEss.if not, u'll get a sauna in the penjara lintah.
  7. even spf 130 sunblock doesnt work in terendak.
  8. its good to drink a drop of water from a bottle cap which everyone's finger has been dipped into...including alex's finger.aakkk
  9. we can actually take a bath with 4-5 girls in one tiny bathroom and get ready in 5 min.(kalu kat kl,sejam xtentu agy)
  10. human can put a hold on his desire to go berak'ing for longg 6 days.
  11. take a bath only twice in 6 days.eventhough u have gone walking through the jungle for 4 hours peluh2, guling2 on the muddy field, got onto the penjara lintah, bitten by thousands of mosquitoes and serangga berbisa, wet-dry due to the rainy season, splashed by chicken's blood and covered with smoke
  12. scolded when u did not ask the password, but get laughed at when u ask. pelik dowh askar hot tu.
  13. eat as fast as u can.dont mind ur stomach plz.u have to rush to clean ur tray.
  14. dont rely on ur eyes only.seeing is not small but im VERY FAT la weyh..49kg is very heavy! even heavier than 55kg!..using a strecher doesnt make it any lighter..xcaye? try and ask, fern,faran,sarah,bhavani,maryam,ali,ammar,kujie,anis, zubair, usop,adress and a few other that i cant recall. (mbe org2 kuat tu dah penat angkat ramai org sbelom tu,aku last kan..or..mbe sbb aku berat dosa!hehe)
  15. soldier is a living bipolar.kejap wat lawak.kejap nk lempang org.kejap senyum.kejap nk maki.kejap ketawa.kejap pandang ngn muke mara smbil wat tgan cm nk terbang smbil sebut "haaa turun2!!10!"
  16. ok actually theres MORE but dah penat nk listkan sume..
when i was there in the jungle camp,,im counting time by the minute.."bile la nk balik..bile laaaa nk balik"...but when i step my foot on the bus..."huaaa xnk blk"....
(its ok,i'll do my posting there next year!)

when we reach kl,everyone is talking about how great it was there..a place called terendak..

jgn endahkan bag2 itu.sila lihat wjahku yg hitam.

my group..BRAVO team!

terendak was FUN..


kujie said...

megah, megah hei..
megah, megah, megah hei..
hei lihat bravo kalah, megah, megah hei...

syaz, ko mmg berat sbnarnye..jgn salahkn benda len..ko kne kruskan bdn..dapat!? hahahaha

akusyazz said...

hahahah tau..aku mmg berat pon..xsalahkan len pon..hahah..kan aku ckp..kalu bukan sbb korng penat,mknenye tu berat dosa la tu..hahah..weyh,,aku tau la aku mmg gemok..haha..mmg aku setiap mse nk kurangkan berat pon.. said...

- its good to drink a drop of water from a bottle cap which everyone's finger has been dipped into...including alex's finger.aakkk :

aaaaa bru terpikir. heeeeeeeeee gile ptt rse masin2 skit ari tu