Thursday, August 12, 2010

Banyak cinta yang datang mendekat, ku menolak

these few days, ive been hearing a lot of good songs. but i like to post this one up. i like the lyrics..

it tells you how faithful one can be.

but tooooo faithful? its stupid. like i am. stupid.

but,somehow i like being as stupid as i am..

Banyak cinta yang datang mendekat
Ku menolak

oh the title of this song is, 'kerna ku cinta kau' by bunga cinta lestari


NaNa XD said...

Syazzz ur are so loyal! I can't measure up to even 50% of what you have. Inspirational! May you find the love of your life my dear. I'm gonna miss you so much dear =(

akusyazz said...

hahaha nana...i wish i can still hold on..gedik la inspirational..hahahaha..oh im so gonna miss u too!!

abel said... not in ur place. so im in no place to judge. tp being loyal is not stupid. ure not stupid. sbb knowing whats best for urself, if it means staying, then thats exactly why ure still holding on. its not stupid believing something could actually work out, my dear. n i dont know abt u what myself n some other girls r seeing, is truly something positive. even if it goes by 1% :)

akusyazz said...

hahaha thx abel..comel la u..appreciate it very much!..oh i mmg cani..dari dolu2 pon cani gak..haha..i hope, i'll find someone that will be as loyal to me as i am to him. :D ..cewah..i do believe i'll catch one.sbb Allah kan maha adil.what goes around comes around kan? hehehehe..yeah baby yeah!haha