Wednesday, August 4, 2010

no.this is NOT a lovey dovey post.

no. its not for a lovey dovey know when u hear certain song, you can literally feel your heart melting and feel those adrenaline pumping, and and and it make u feel something..different..i dont know, i dont know how to describe it. reminiscent maybe, of your subconscious mind. its the same feeling when i hear, 'tak bisakah' by peter porn.
do you know what this feeling im talking about. no. not a lovey dovey one.

this song, 'parachute' by Cheryl Cole, does not give me the same effect as what the peter porn song has on me, but..
i simply love this song. the ryhtm somehow remind me of something. as if it brought me to... somewhere..

but i think, its always the other way around.the lyric, i mean.

love it.


ms. mac said...

i love this song!! cuz of the beat. dum dum dum dum! huhuhu

nabel said...

hehehhe for some reasons i totally get u :)

sbb ive list of my own songs too, with cyndi lauper's time after time being on top of the list of "songs that are able to move me"

i've similar posts to this. i even listed my songs. hehehe good to know that am not the only one! :)

akusyazz said...

waf: kan kan?i suke gile kot..hahaha

abel: phewww..i slalu ingt cm, i ni gile ke smpi bleh rase cm len bile dgr lagu..haha