Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i wanna be an artist..oopps..makeup artist i mean

knowing that i have a deep interest in makeup, ain has asked me to put some make up for her this friday, for her pharmacy Pre-grad dinner..
i have been doing this for her , several times now..haha.. "cas,i nk g dinner mggu dpn..*ihik*..leh x u..err *ihik2* mekup2kan i ciket *wink2*"..
she told me that shes goin to wear a turquoise colored dress.. so..as a 'professional' makeup artist, i did some homework on it..
i found this wonderful tutorial on utube using turquoise eyeshadow..and i think, i will try that on her this friday.. we will see how it'll come out..*kalu jadi, i post, kalu x...hehe*

so heres the vid..very easy and simple ..loving it.

*p/s: sorry..this page is just to small to fit the width of the vid.hope u can still watch it.if not, just go to utube :).. tp rasenye nmpk je kot*

try it!

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devilicious said...

shaz! :D ajr sy pkai fake eyelashes! :D