Saturday, April 10, 2010

maDe up.

as promised last few days..
i said im gonna update on the post "i want to be an artist........"
so.. today is the day.
today is Ain's pre-graduation dinner..and i am her 'make-up artist' for the us see, what have i done to her face..

jeng jeng jeng! takut x? takut x? haha

before anything.nothing. tp tetap cantik kan?

after foundation and powder

bluish greenish turquioshish eyeshadow.
i use 4 combination of colors to get this effect

notice the shadow along the nasal bridge?
just to define and to add kemancungan of the nose bak kate org la.

eye was lined and mascara-ed ..haha

i draw her eyebrow darker and splash some pink blusher on her cheeks

after the lip has been lined and dashed with colour

side view.
i have put some hair product to add volume and curls


dont worry, that is definitely NOT her dinner dress. :p

let me remind u of the 'before' photo :) haha

AND oh!

i also did on Ain's friend eye..some gold, yellow, gray and dark navy blue

sorry la if terburuk with the unpolished skill of makeup'ing.
i did not go to any beauty go figure la kan..haha
what i have today is solely thru trial and error , with some help from utube!

oh sungguh laaa xjadi mcm yg video from utube that i took tu kan??hahaha!! sorry!

till then..tata~


NaNa XD said...

syazz hebat!!!!! ngeee... jom maen makeup2 nnt!!! hahaha yay!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

you are so good at doing make up, I love these looks! xoxo

Formula 1 Motorsport Central said...

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nice bfore polish..... n nice masara

Anonymous said...

d turquoise very nice..

Ayumi Kuramae said...


lkc_lai said...

I think you look more pretty and cool before "makeup".

I like the nature of human being.