Thursday, April 22, 2010

login facebook dpt rm100..halal ke haram?

it has been awhile since the first time i hear about this scheme.
and i was OFCOURSE very very very sceptical, as im a paranoid.
for me, this scheme is one of the 'get rich scheme'..
i have never believe in it.
sume tipu nih!

but yesterday, my fren, Nana, has ask me to join this scheme..and i was, like i always has been, very sceptical, said to her that "u masuk dulu, if u dpt duit tu btul2, bru i masuk".. and she did. yesterday, she bank-in her rm100 to her upline, and this morning she came to class and.. "syaz! i dah dpt rm700!!".. and i was like "yeke..(still sceptical)..dah msuk bank u ke? (secara sinisnye)"..she said "of belom, i xde la nk gtau u..DAH!"...ape lagi, i straight away "OK I NK MASUK. REGISTERKAN I SKANG!" hahaha..that was me being me. hehe

ok then, i pon start la..msging my frens to invite them to join the scheme..sebab cm gempak kan dpt rm700 dlm sehari.
some seems interested. some says no. but one make made me think.
yes..that one person made me think of the consequences.. and he actually made me feel like a bad person. yeah..
but somehow, thank to him, i waas having some thoughts "hurm..halal ke bende ni?kang aku makan hasil duit ni, pejadi? sanggup ke aku sbb duit skit kat dunia ni, kene soal kat akhirat nnt?" ...hurmm..
then i had some discussion with my classmate regarding this matter..some of them said that it is haram.
feeling very dissapointed, because i REALLY REALLY need some money now, i decided not to join the scheme, and said sorry to Nana that i could do it. i just can't.

but, i still want to get some money somehow. i remembered that my mom, is working in an islamic bank. thus i called her..
she said that "it is not Syariah Compliant. but it is not considered Haram also bacause it has a product to offer.its up to you to use the product or not, but the company has provided you with their products. and that is it. anyway syg, it is really up to you in the end. what is your niat? your niat is to help the one who is your upline, which is nana your friend, and at the same time, you help yourself, right?..i know you are concern about the halal and haram issues, but if you are not satisfied with my answer, you can do your own research. search the net darling, im sure there must be some issues regarding this already.."

so, i did my research..
some said haram, some said halal.
you can read these articles
the one saying its haram: click here
and the one saying that it is halal: click here
after debating with my own conscience i decided that the debate of the the article that says it is halal wins.
read it guys.. read it.. i did my research, and so must you.

in the end,
i registered under nana on the scheme!

to those interested, you can ask me.
its easy money. not free money. but without "usaha" you will not earn anything!!
so keep your mind open.
if you have decided to join, ask me for details!

this is my link:


Anonymous said...

huhu.. emo tak tentu pasal ape hal ko ni?? aku kekadang pelik.. manusia yang kat mulut dia bukan main lagi berckap pasal dosa pahala.. tuhan la itula ini la.. tapi bila aku tgk appearence ko tak nampak macam ko ade tuhan pun.. semacam je ko pakai.. tuhan ko tak marah ke gitu? sebelum nak igtkan org laen.. kocermin kan diri ko habis2..

akusyazz said...

eh aku rase cm nk jadikan ko celebrity la kat blog aku leh x?

Anonymous said...

buat la apa ko nak syaitan.. means u nak malukan i kat blog u la? nk sume oarg kutuk i mcm kat post sebelum ni then u ske? mmg u suke aibkan org ke? blog u ni mmg tempat u mengata n hina org ke?. buat la u ape u nak.. u ni immortal kan? tak mati? so boleh la wat cam tu.. tuhan pun tak de kan.. so sape je nk marah u wat cam tu. so go on la syaitan

devilicious said...

dear anonymous, you thnk the world evolves around you is it? ap ingat shaz da tade bnda lain sgt ke nk blog about? tlg jgn self cntered ya, whn you start abusng my best fren like tht, you are messng wth me & the rest of us as well. please take note tht we cn easily report your ip address. my advice to you is, kalu x ske...jgn bca, hbs citer.

kure2 bersinar said...

sape diri anda ntuk mengatakan beliau setan? ingat la. diri kita sendri pn tak tentu baik buruknya. tmpt kita pn tak tentu lg. saudara/saudari anonymous. kita semua sama di sisi tuhan.